Man&Muscle and its ecommerce secrets

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If you are interested in bodybuilding and fitness, know everything about nutrition products, can recommend the best supplements and dream to open your own online store in this sphere then you’ve landed the right place. MageWorx presents you Magento Store of the Week – Man & Muscle, an e-retailer of Bodybuilding and Nutritional products.

Everything began in April 2012 with small business budget, without investors or large bank loans and with a strong desire to try. “Feel your passion…this will help you to choose the direction. We are passionate about our products and the industry we are in”, says Tony Carter, CEO of Man&Muscle.

What can differ your store from your competitors?
Ecommerce competition is the point every online merchant faces when launching business. Tony Carter says: You must have something that will differ you from your competitors. For example, in Man&Muscle we use:

1. Blog posts with recipes ideas, professional advice & useful info on fitness and bodybuilding topics, how to videos;
2. Personal interaction with customers – in comparison to big brands small business owners can easily accomplish that point.
3. Price monitoring – price for an online business is very important, if the price isn’t the same or lower than competitors there will be no sales!
Take care of your ecommerce business from the very beginning. Think over every single detail, analyze and test, build trust online and offline, don’t forget about social media power and in the end you will have successful ecommerce business.
Tony Carter advises all those who want to open their own e-shops: “Build your store with SEO/Marketing in mind right from the start, think carefully of the domain name, urls, product description and structure of the site from your keyword analysis, work hard on SEO and don’t forget about social engagement through social media.”


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