Liesegang & Partner Magento Upgrade – Case Study

magento upgrade case study
Magento Upgrade Case Study
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Liesegang & Partner Magento Upgrade

The Background

Liesegang & Partner is an IP- and commercial-law boutique law firm mainly focuses on the various aspects of national and international trademark law, design law and company law. With a team of top-level professionals, many of them being a “Fachanwalt für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz” (German Certified IP Lawyer), and more than 15 years of experience behind their backs, Liesegang & Partner managed to gain solid reputation on the market. Be it trademark, design or company law – Liesegang & Partner is a firm to go to.

But when it comes to Magento Design and Development – MageWorx is a firm to go to. With about 9 years of Magento development experience, we know that performing even the simplest task can lead to a major failure if not done by a trusted professional. That is why Jens Liesegang, Managing Partner at Liesegang & Partners contacted MageWorx to upgrade the company’s Magento-based store. To keep the security and functionality at the highest level, it is recommended to use the highest Magento version.The Challenge

The key goal of the upgrade was to ensure complete integrity security of the company’s data – customers, orders and products. Extra things to consider was theme and extensions compatibility.

Following the best practices and experience, the team outlined 4 main stages of the upgrade:

  • Moving the website to the test hosting server

Website database and sources were duplicated and moved to the Mageworx test hosting server. This was done to avoid unnecessary downtime and any potential risks.

  • Store upgrade

The team adjusted the store design theme, modules, Magento core and the whole store database to the updated version. All found database and compatibility issues were fixed.

  • Testing

After the upgrade, the client and the team tested the updated version. It turned out that there was an issue with fees – they did not get updated if individual options changed. This could lead to wrong pricing, so the development team had to find the solution. As it turned out, the issue was related to theme compatibility and was fixed in a matter of minutes.

  • Site publication

The client’s database was hosted on Amazon RDS, which is considered a good choice for its speed, scalability and reliability.

The team performed the upgrade with minimal downtime. The test hosting server database was merged with the database of the live store to get all the latest customer and order data.

The Result

The website is successfully running the latest version of Magento 1 with all its bells, whistles and security patches. The client is satisfied with the speed and functionality improvements of the store.


“The team from Mageworx is our reliable partner for development and maintenance of Magento installations and individual extensions. They are very competent, always responsive to our needs, friendly and have reasonable service fees. Mageworx is definitely a clear recommendation for everyone who seeks a trustworthy Magento development partner.”
Jens Liesegang
Managing Partner at Liesegang&Partner

About MageWorx

To summarize, while “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach can be a wise choiсe in some cases, upgrading to a newer version of Magento will definitely bring your store one step closer to perfection. At MageWorx, we stick to the point that upgrading to a newer version of Magento is not about having the latest version number. It is about improved security, enhanced functionality and stability along with the support of 3rd party software vital for the store’s functionality.

Since 2008, we’ve supplied more than 30.000 online businesses with industry-leading extensions and helped with all kinds of services that a web store may need – from SEO to complete redesign.

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Hit the link below to read about another successful Magento upgrade implemented by our team. Magento Upgrade – Case Study


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