Enhanced Product Options Make Your Customers More Satisfied

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Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities for every retailer. It’s predictable as 91% of unsatisfied buyers won’t make purchases in your store again. At the same time, according to Zendesk, 52% of shoppers repeat buyings from the brands where they have got positive customer experience. Satisfied buyers not only increase conversions but also reflect your revenue and are more likely to share their experience, and recommend your brand to others. 

How to make your customers more satisfied? Give them a chance to make a choice. The surest way to do it is to use enhanced product options. 

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Importance of Choice

Commonly, the choice is an opportunity to make decisions when two or more options are presented. Every day we make a choice: what to put on, which food to choose, where to go, etc. The same thing is with customers. When you provide them with several options, buyers value an opportunity to make their own decision and feel more in control of the buying process.

Allowing customers to get what they want is the key to success. The surest way to do it is to offer the product options to choose from. Thus, customers can create their own personalized shopping experience, and consumers will be more satisfied as a result.

You should pay attention to an essential thing connected with choice. It shouldn’t be overwhelming. According to a survey conducted by Zoovu, 54% of buyers have stopped purchasing products from some online stores because they couldn’t make a decision. Categorizing product options, you can make the process of choosing more comfortable and simple. 

Product Options Overview

Almost all the products have options of different kinds. For a basic start, let’s define what product options are.

Product options are something that makes some items distinct from others like colors, sizes, storage, flavor, etc. Thanks to options, you can sell different variants of the same goods. For example, T-shirts with various sizes and colors, smartphones with different storage capacities. For customers, all these options play a decisive role and influence their final choice. 

Options allow you to unite products with different variants. Thus, store visitors don’t have to navigate away in the search for the preferable one. Instead, they can see all the possible variants on the product page. 

Benefits of Product Options

Quite often, online store merchants ignore the use of product options as it seems to be complicated. As a result, a lot of opportunities for success can be missed because product options can improve your business and make customers more satisfied. Here are the benefits you can get when adding product options to your Shopify store. All these advantages can demonstrate that implementing product options is worth your time and effort.

Ease of Order Fulfillment and Inventory Management

When adding multiple product options on Shopify, you gain the ability to set up inventory tracking per product SKU. It will be extremely helpful in further sales analysis and in an organization when fulfilling orders.

Moreover, you get to find out what types of products are sold better (e.g., yellow or green, large or small T-shirts). That will allow you to manage stock inventory for every option more efficiently and increase your potential revenue. Thus, thanks to product options, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers want.

Efficient Website Navigation

When creating a separate page for every single product with each option, you are running the risk of harming their search engine ranking. This content will be seen by search engines as a duplicate, potentially lowering your rankings. At the same time, consumers have to see the same products with different variants multiple times. When uniting all the possible variants into options and displaying them on one product page, you improve its navigation. Moreover, the process of product search is becoming easier, smoother, and more organized. 

Ultimate Personalization and Customization

As it has been mentioned, customers wish to control their decision-making process. When having a choice of product options, buyers can create their own personalized products that can positively influence your business. It can be proved by an average increase of 20% in sales due to personalized experience that has been seen by marketers. Furthermore, personalization impacts the purchasing decisions of 59% of buyers.

Improved Customer Experience and Increased Conversion Rates

Providing customers with an opportunity to see all the product options displayed, you simplify their experience and remove confusion. Different variants can change the price significantly. Thanks to product options, you can make consumers feel confident and consider their preferences, and make purchasing clear and transparent. As a result, you improve their shopping experience, which is likely to lead to increased conversion rates.

Advanced Product Option in Use on Shopify

A great number of Shopify merchants have already implemented product options in their stores. To make this process easier, get the benefits fully, and overcome some product limitations set by Shopify, a product options app can be used. Following reviews of Mageworx retailers, you can see how to add product options on Shopify and benefit from them. 

Enhanced Product Options Make Your Customers More Satisfied | MageWorx Shopify Blog

One of the Shopify store owners has been able to increase profits by using the app. Having started to sell tickets for $20, advanced product options allowed the retailer to upsell customers to $35.

Enhanced Product Options Make Your Customers More Satisfied | MageWorx Shopify Blog

For a Norwegian company Unaas, it was important to make their website look more organized and professional as they sell products with many options and variants. Browsing their store, it can be said that they have coped with the task.

Enhanced Product Options Make Your Customers More Satisfied | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Extreme Turbo Systems have a lot of extensive options and SKUs. The app allowed them to lay out everything in a very simple good looking format.

Enhanced Product Options Make Your Customers More Satisfied | MageWorx Shopify Blog

In its review, Zzperformance admitted that the plugin has helped them overcome problems connected with Shopify product options limits.

The main aim of Kartel was to offer its customers the ability to customize the watch range. The retailer decided to use the Advanced Product options app to build the ‘Build Your Own Watch’ customizer service. Thus, customers have got an opportunity to improve their shopping experience with personalized products and impressive service.

For the Scotland Kilt Company, product options and variants are essential as all their goods are highly customizable. For instance, the retailer offers kilts with a great number of different pins and sporrans. The app allows the company to manage the product options, save and update them easily. Store visitors will appreciate finding all the product options on one page avoiding the necessity to navigate through the website.

Final Thoughts

Providing customers with choice, you increase chances they will make purchases in your store. When all the product options are carefully and logically gathered and displayed on one product page, the buying process becomes more flawless. It improves customers’ shopping experience and satisfaction.

For Shopify retailers, the task can be simplified with the Advanced Product Options plugin.


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