6 Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page’s Effectiveness

Types of Videos That Can Enhance Your Landing Page’s Effectiveness
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So, you are looking to improve how effective your landing pages are? Well, the bad news is that there’s no magic wand you can wave to spike your conversion rates overnight.

The good news is that there’s video marketing, which is the next best thing!

All jokes aside, video content has proven to reliably and consistently capture visitors’ attention. Improving key SEO indicators, as well as enhancing your overall conversion funnel. That said, video content’s “magic” requires more than just some great-looking videos.

Although those don’t hurt either!

All in all, having a talented video production team by your side is just part of the equation. You also need to work on pieces that focus on your campaign goals and make sense within your landing page’s purpose.

Lucky for you, there are as many effective video styles as your landing pages will need! And that’s what we are here to talk about today!

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Educational Videos

Online, reputation is worth a great deal. A company deemed incompetent in its niche won’t get the same results as one established as an expert. Even if both go for the same strategy!

Even though it might take a bit of time, educational videos are a fantastic way to establish a strong presence as a reliable source in your industry. The primary objective of these videos is not to sell but to teach, which might sound like a waste of time for some, but here’s why it isn’t.

Potential clients often have questions related to your business or product that tie into their pain points. If they find the answers to these questions on your landing page, their perception of your company will shift, and a relationship of trust can be built.

Moreover, educational content is a fantastic way to nurture your brand awareness as well.

With educational videos, you aren’t so much looking to turn visitors into hot leads right away. But you are potentially starting them into your funnel with the best attitude possible.

As you work on your educational videos, remember that the best ones educate while entertaining, giving viewers relevant information in a playful and compelling manner! Viewers needn’t be savvy about the subject to fully understand the content – Which is why you should keep your pieces simple, even when addressing complex topics.

Commercial Videos

A commercial video is an excellent way of making a great first impression on your visitors, solidifying your brand awareness, and generating leads. 

Commercials usually revolve around the benefits your product or service brings to the table. That said, they do it in a rather straightforward manner (no subtlety or nuance here), being outright promotional. As such, commercial Ads are best paired with landing pages looking to either generate awareness from qualified leads or outright in the latter stages of their buyer’s journey.

All things considered, a killer commercial video is one that masters storytelling. More specifically, the kind of storytelling that bridges an emotional connection with the viewer. The emotion provoked can be awe, amusement, joy, nostalgia… anything you can imagine.

I bet you still recall the most powerful ads you have seen, the brand that produced them, and the emotion they triggered. Picture someone visiting your site and being met with a piece that produces such a strong impression, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Most effective online ads last about 30 seconds at most. In such a short time, you can’t expect to answer all the questions the visitor can have about your brand. What you can do, however, is plant the seed of intrigue! So, try to optimize ad videos’ power by combining them with an adequate CTA, encouraging the viewer to continue further down your funnel.

Explainer Videos

You won’t find many successful brands without at least an explainer video or two on their sites nowadays. The reason is simple: explainer videos are perfect for converting leads from the consideration stage to the decision stage!

From the visitor’s POV, an explainer video entertains, engages, and informs. Even complicated topics are made simpler through dynamic visuals that help improve information retention.

Explainers are time-efficient as well. While a text about your product or service could require a visitor to take 20 minutes, an explainer can tackle this in way less time! The average 90-second video can condense the same information as a text of that length.

This also brings about many advantages for your company. To start with, your message being more digestible means it can reach a wider audience. Secondly, since a well-crafted explainer captivates visitors, they end up dwelling longer on your landing page- a.k.a: your bounce rate decreases. Consequently, your site ranks higher in SERPs.

By creating content specifically designed to target visitors’ pain points, you get to keep your cake and eat it too. Whether you go for live-action or animation pieces, an outstanding explainer video can be a boon to most sites targeting people in the middle of your funnel.

Company Stories

A company story – a.k.a: a culture video – describes the core values behind your business. Its philosophy, mission, and vision… in short, it turns nameless companies into approachable brands.

The content of this type of video can be vastly diverse. Some describe a typical day in the office, others go on about a special event, or show the POV of a specific team member or employee. These videos can be about anything that relates to the culture of a brand.

Company stories are intended for those visitors who intend to work in your company, or who want to know more about your brand. These videos can also shine in the “About Us” section of your site.

But why should you be adding company story videos to your landing page? Simple: When customers empathize with a brand, they are far more likely to do business with them, especially in the millennial and Gen-Z demographics.

Cultivating brand loyalty is one of those challenging tasks that a well-made landing page with an awesome culture video can make easier. Particularly for big businesses.

Remember: culture videos are meant to touch the viewer’s, and reflect the human side of your brand.

Product Videos

If there’s a video style that can make your BoFu landing pages’ conversions skyrocket, it’s probably a product video.

These types of videos display a single product or service in action. It details how it benefits the buyer and provides a solution for their pain-points. Needless to say, a genuinely rewarding product video is compelling, clear, and entertaining.

As you can expect, it’s the perfect video to embed in the catalog section of your site or eShop platform. You can also use them directly on product-dedicated landing pages, and I can assure you, the results won’t disappoint.

To do product videos right, you need to find ways of having viewers put themselves in the position of the video’s protagonist. To help them visualize themselves enjoying the benefits that your product can (and will) give them “once they click here.

The influence this kind of video has in a buyer’s decision stage is outstanding, to say the least.

Customer Testimonials

We all love to consider ourselves as unique, individual creatures. The truth, however, is that most of what we want and think is deeply influenced by others’ sayings and experiences. We are tribal in nature, after all.

If you were about to buy an item and suddenly you came across a lousy review about it, wouldn’t you hesitate at least a bit? In the same way, positive opinions about your brand or product can give your potential clients that extra nudge they might need to finally take action.

That’s the purpose of a customer testimonial!

Testimonials involve a satisfied former client recounting their experience with your company. They talk about how it helped them solve a particular problem and improved their lives.

Anyone visiting your landing page will find this type of video useful. Doubly so if they are in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. It’s even better if you can embed more than one testimonial and cover a broader range of positive reviews that target different buyer personas.

If your aim is to boost trust in your brand, adding customer testimonials to your site is the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Landing pages without some sort of video content are becoming obsolete – not to say they already are. That said, just embedding any type of video for video’s sake won’t make much of a difference either!

Your company has different customers in distinct stages of the buyer’s journey, and a variety of marketing objectives for each. Your landing pages are probably tailored to that fact, so why wouldn’t your video content be as well?

Start populating your pages with meaningful video content that provides visitors with pieces that speak to their particular needs. Your landing pages (and overall campaign) will be that much stronger for it!

About the author:

Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.



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