StayLime Team (aka FlexMedia) Wins Another RuNet Award

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For the third year in a row, StayLime (also known in the CIS market as Flex Media), gets a prestigious award of the biggest RuNet competition.

This time, the company wins Gold in the ‘Beaty and Health’ category.

About RuNet Awards

The RuNet Awards, that has been held since 2010, is a nationwide competition for websites and mobile apps in the .ru zone.

The contest is considered to be one of the biggest events in the local digital industry — it embraces the latest mobile development and design trends, cutting-edge technologies and welcomes entries from Russia and any other country that operates in the .ru zone.


This year, the competition has set a new record. More than 1100 projects, 30 different nominations, and over 300 digital agencies, thousands of individual designers and developers — all were competing for the right to get a prestigious RuNet Awards trophy.

For competing websites, the context consisted of several stages:

  1. The 1st stage was a presentation of a website to focus groups of regular users. They tested the site’s interface, usability, navigation, evaluated its design and other  aspects. Those websites that had the best score here got into the second round.
  2. Next, the professional jury came in. The board included the leading industry experts and big online merchants. In this round, they evaluated the nominees according to the set criteria and objectives.
  3. And finally, the chosen websites were evaluated both by ordinary users and the professional jury. All the points were summed in order to identify the winner in each category.

Click here, to view the professional jury.
Here, you can find all the site-winners.


The Award-Winning Website 

Eat-Bit.Ru website won Gold in the ‘Beaty and Health’ category.

Eat-Bit is a healthy food delivery service that offers a subscription-based service for a balanced full-day diet (all in all, there are 10 different subscription options to choose from).

Staylime / Flexmedia task was to create a responsive, mobile-friendly website with advanced and customizable navigation options.

Below, is what the team of Staylime designers and developers implemented:

  • crafting the mechanisms for creating a diet program via using SKUs with the following entities: ration (dishes), subscription length (a day / week / month), price;
  • developing the ‘Menu for Tomorrow’ feature with the ‘Number of Calories’ filter;
  • making a unique photoset of 120 dishes for 15 days;
  • adding a detailed description of every dish (that included components, weight, calorific capacity, etc.);
  • creating the ‘Diet Calculator’ that lets a user make a personalized ration according to their body type and set goals;
  • developing a custom shopping cart with advanced calculation options, support of promo codes; the abilities to save delivery addresses, automatically fill out forms, calculate delivery fees that depend on the distance and dozens more;
  • creating an advanced user area, where the company’s customers can view their and manage their orders, adjust their personal details, subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletters;
  • developing the ‘Buy in a Click’ functionality and ‘Re-Order’ options
  • integration with Kassa.Yandex.RU
  • creating unique content for all store pages,
  • making the whole website mobile-friendly.

The total project length is 55 work days.The project also won some other awards. These are:

  • the 1st place in the nomination “Online Stores” in the ByNet Rating contest 2017,
  • the 1st place in the nomination “Services” in the ByNet Rating contest 2017.

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