Shopify Product Kits: Bundle Like a Pro

Shopify Product Kits: Bundle Like a Pro | MageWorx Shopify Blog
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Isn’t it awesome to sell and to earn more at a time? The answer is obvious. A perfect way to do it is to create an amazing product bundle that your customers can’t wait to purchase.

Is it as easy as it sounds? That should be not just simple kits of occasional items but irresistible offerings of desirable products. A successful bundle is a combo of products with which customers are convenient and feel like they are getting a good deal.

Read on to know what and how to bundle in your Shopify store to be effective and profitable. 

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What Is Product Bundling?

Shopify Product Kits: Bundle Like a Pro |  MageWorx Shopify Blog

Product bundling is combining together several products or services that can be sold separately. These package deals create differentiation and greater value, thereby expanding offers to customers and encouraging them to buy more items for one price. When offering product bundles, you should pay attention to the characteristics of combined goods and their pricing to make these sets highly attractive to the brand and your customers. Product kits can be united thematically―by relevance, by season, and many others. 

Bundling in Its Variety

If you have already decided to impose bundling in your Shopify store, you should choose a type that is more appropriate for your company.

Pure Bundling

Under this kind of bundling, customers are offered to purchase the entire bundle only and can’t buy individual items from it separately. It is actively used in restaurants, satellite and cable television, and monopoly industries. But this type is not much preferred by consumers as they are unable to purchase items outside the bundle. 

Pure bundling is divided into three subcategories that can be used by retailers to sell products in sets:

  • Leader Bundling. This product bundle type can be used in your Shopify store when you want to promote a less-known or newly launched item with the help of a best-selling or leader one. You can give your shoppers a discount in case they buy such a bundle. Thanks to these sets of products, less popular goods can be noticed by consumers.
  • Joint Bundling. In this case, you offer your consumers to buy two bundled products for the price of one.
  • Mixed-Leader Bundling. Here, shoppers have an opportunity to purchase the leader product separately, but added items can be bought only in the bundle. Moreover, the second item in the bundle can be discounted only if the first one is bought at full price.

Mixed Bundling

Mixed bundling is not so restricting as a pure one. In this case, customers have a choice. They may select to either buy the entire set of products or separate items from the package. Moreover, such kits are usually offered by a special price in comparison with items bought individually.

This kind of bundling is ideal for online stores that sell perishable products or goods that can be purchased in large quantities. It’s a great opportunity to sell more because customers think they have the choice and control of the deals.

Reasons for Product Bundling

The main reason for bundling is that it helps increase average order value. Also, you can increase sales and revenue of your Shopify store as product bundles entice your customers to purchase more.

There are also reasons for customers to buy bundles. They are convenience, and high chances to grab a lucrative deal. If your customers are satisfied with all the products you offer in bundles, this is more convenient for them to buy all from one store and not to spend time on searching. If they are interested in one separate item in the bundle, they usually realize that the total price is lower when the products are purchased as a bundle, so it’s a real bargain.

As you can see, bundling is extremely advantageous and beneficial not only for retailers but also for customers. 

Know What to Bundle

Successful bundles are not just several combined items from your store. If customers don’t like most of the products from this combo, they won’t buy it even for a minimal price. Thus, you can create your competitive Shopify bundle products in one of two ways: either compile a few similar products or several various products of the same theme. No matter what kind of them you choose, bundling will be attractive only if it has value for customers. 

Best Tips for Creating Bundle Deals

Even when you’ve decided to impose bundling in your store, there is still a question as to how to bundle products in Shopify to grab customers’ attention, interest them and make them purchase these sets. Here there are some pieces of advice for you to achieve these goals:

Highlight Savings

The attractiveness of product bundles is mostly in their price. It’s cheaper to buy a pack of products than to purchase them separately. So, you must emphasize on how much buyers can save with bundles. Shoppers should understand that it’s worth to purchase these product kits. 

Check Your Stock

When bundling, make sure you have enough amount of certain goods. Because if one item from a bundle is out of stock, the whole set will be screwed up, and it will undoubtedly annoy your customers. That’s why it’s so important to avoid running out of inventory.

Provide Customers with a Range of Bundles

Shoppers do not like being forced into making a purchase. When you give them a choice, you leave the shoppers with the satisfaction of finding a good deal. They should be confident in what they choose. Providing your buyers with different bundled packages to select from, you give them such an opportunity.

Display Bundles

Shopify Product Kits: Bundle Like a Pro |  MageWorx Shopify Blog

Make your bundles noticeable. It is useful to create a separate page for buyers who want to save more money or are searching for good deals. The more you show your bundle sets, the more your consumers pay attention to them.

Analyze Products Data 

To create bundles that attract customers, you should use data on which products are frequently bought together. Analyzing this information, you’ll be able to offer successful sets for different customers according to their preferences. Your bundle should be of value to buyers and make sense together.

Offer Bundle Deals at the Checkout

Shopify Product Kits: Bundle Like a Pro |  MageWorx Shopify Blog

When customers are about to checkout, they make their decisions quicker. So, it’s a good idea to offer bundles at this very moment. But you should be sure that these product kits will be useful for a shopper, appropriate to what’s already in the cart and not of a high price. The main thing is that the customer should feel that it is worth to buy.

Show Your Bundles via Social Media

If you want to boost sales with Shopify bundle products, think over the idea to show them on your Facebook or Instagram. For example, you can display them in your stories and create a sense of urgency, announcing them as ‘bundles of the day’ or ‘limited offer’, and etc. What’s more important is that product kits should bring extra value for your customers.

Wrap Up

We hope that the offered practical ideas on how to bundle products will help you effortlessly create bundles that work the best for your Shopify store! So we also want to give you a tool to help you put all these practical ideas into action – Product Bundles app by Mageworx.

Create product sets that will meet customers’ expectations and increase their satisfaction in your brand. Giving your buyers what they need, you get multiple benefits too, such as raise of profit, increase in the average order value, and the number of potential customers. With the right bundles, you’ll surely win.

Do you know other ways of how to create valuable bundle sets for your customers? Share your ideas with us.


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