SavvyCube 2, a Completely Rebuilt eCommerce Analytics Solution, is Now Being Released

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We’re proud to announce that a new version of SavvyCube is now available to our customers, who run their stores on Magento. SavvyCube 2 signifies a major step up from version 1 and encompasses a wide variety of new features, as well as a completely new design, and a re-engineered platform.

Some new features include:

  • Dashboard page, that gives merchant a high-level overview of their business;
  • Customer and Product profiles, that provide a deeper insight into how each customer is buying, and how a particular product is selling;
  • Advanced Reports, empowering users to dig deep into their data, and slice-and-dice it by multiple dimensions and attributes;
  • and dozens more!

Stay tuned for an in-depth review of new features and capabilities of SavvyCube 2 – we’ll be ready with it soon!

For now, feel free to test the software and share your thoughts about it in the comments below! Your opinion is greatly appreciated!

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