Order & Product Fees App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving

Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog
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For years, Thanksgiving has traditionally triggered the peak shopping season. ECommerce stores are reported to have earned about 4 billion USD from selling merchandise on that day in 2018. Quite an enticing turkey to have a bite of, isn’t it? Add to that an almost 30 percent year-on-year growth of the holiday turnover—and watch store owners pull out all the stops to get the best of the top vending time.

Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

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That’s when the Order & Product Fees App can come in handy for your online shop to join winners in the vendors’ race. The application will conjure you up with a share of the tasty Thanksgiving turkey while letting you set up offerings to stand out against competitors. The article highlights how the Shopify plugin by Mageworx helps to maximize profit from sales on the public holiday and shares promotion ideas for eCommerce merchants.

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The Right App for the Upcoming High Season

Developing the plugin, the Mageworx team aimed at providing Shopify merchants with a convenient tool to build flexible pricing and merchandising strategies. Flexibility is key to ride the waves of demand fluctuations, coming out on top, rather than simply keeping afloat.  

The forthcoming holiday gift rush is just the wave to ride. With the Order & Product Fees App, it becomes an opportunity of a kind to grow revenue, while leaving rivals far behind. So, what are its sales-boosting features?

Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog
  • It enables sellers to introduce and manage unlimited paid options, and enhancement services on Shopify store pages.
  • Retailers can tailor criteria and methods for applying extra charges—as a percentage or fixed amount, at checkout or otherwise.
  • Administrators can manage the way pricing alternatives, complementary services, and related compensations are represented on a virtual shop window.
  • The app allows its users to give a personal touch to their offerings through customization of orders (e.g., wrapping, personalized gift cards).
  • There’s a possibility to price in fees associated with meeting particular payment or trading regulations.
Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Let’s investigate how the above features can aid in stimulating vending at online stores in connection with the upcoming Thanksgiving.

Tips to Boost Thanksgiving Trade with the App

These days, when eCommerce stores are numerous and offerings are varied, holiday sales proceeds are not only about stocking up on a sufficient quantity of goods. Customers have a choice of thousands and thousands of web pages to browse for Thanksgiving gifts. Also, count in the immense gravitational pull of giants, such as Walmart or Amazon, with their special deals and powerful marketing strategies.

Therefore, one needs to get creative about Thanksgiving promotion to stand out amidst the crowd of store keepers. Another important mission is to streamline the workflow of your shop’s page by providing proper digital backup. The Order & Product Fees plugin fixes up store administrators with just the right features to ‘kill the two birds with one stone.’ Read on to learn tips on how to increase profits with the app.

Tip 1. Entice Customers with Flexible Product Costs

It is common knowledge that holidays, Thanksgiving included, are mostly about hunting for bargains. With all the amazing once-in-a-lifetime offers and major players waiting in the wings to retake buyers, the best approach is to get super-flexible in satisfying customers’ thirst for discounts.

The more creative you can get about setting prices, the more benefits you obtain in the end. Instead of simply offering 30% off a product cost, why don’t you diversify: 50% off for those who purchase for the first time at your shop and, say, a 30% discount for a third scarf?   

With the Order & Product Fees app, you can…

  • Introduce a limitless number of pricing alternatives, depending on the order value, composition, quantity of goods, etc.
  • Apply additional charges to cart items as a flat amount or percent of a total.
  • List multiple options for how a customer is allowed to pay each extra fee for a product.
Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Tip 2. Make Shopping More Comfortable with Packaged Offers

According to statistics, 7 buyers out of 10 have only a vague idea about gifts to buy as they start browsing online store pages. Take the chance to prompt them to your products, while making navigation through the shop’s web page easier. Add a mention of related merchandise or service or enable customers to compose specialty Thanksgiving sets.

Packaged offers are a great opportunity to make money from cross-selling or upselling. Thanksgiving is one of the rare dates over a year when people are indeed eager to buy. From a Shopify product page displaying sneakers, you can link customers to the one with a sports suit or socks to match. Another alternative is to offer an upgraded model of the footwear or conveniences, such as an extended warranty, for extra fees.

With the Shopify plugin, you can…

  • Include accessories to go with a core product (e.g., shoe polish with shoes).
  • List complementary services (e.g., transportation) available for items in stock.
  • Offer premium and extended service suites, as well as support, installation and upgrade assistance.
Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Tip 3. Enable a Convenient Purchase and Fee Management Flows

Pre-holiday sales are always hectic, and most people would look for a way to get done with shopping for gifts quick and easy. The more transparency you can provide at your Shopify product pages, especially at checkout, the more buyers are likely to stay at it and to return to it later.

The task is to find a means for customers to resolve seamlessly any issues related to making a purchase—be it delivery, applying extra fees, or accessing discounted products or best deals. Formulate and display available options and selection criteria as concise and clear as possible. Also, make sure your checkout works just fine to handle the increased purchasing flow on holidays, Statistically, shoppers tend to leave a store page without waiting long when stuck at checkout.

Easy-to-configure administration tools will aid in both addressing the above challenges and managing the entire collection of Thanksgiving specialty offers.

Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

In this regard, the Order & Product Fees app enables one to…

  • Configure conditions to hide or display charges to pay (e.g., specific product tags).
  • Set criteria to apply fees—merchandise class, number of items in a cart, SKU identification, vendor, brand, quantity by weight or otherwise.
  • Use the AND/OR operator to specify whether a fee should be visible and applicable when an item meets a single or a group of preset criteria.
  • Choose a checkbox, a dropdown menu, radio button, text, or dates to represent any options you add on a product page.
  • Vary the sorting order to render extras on your Shopify page.

Tip 4. Get Personal about What you Put on Sale

Another creative approach to Thanksgiving promotion is to rely on the personalization trend to differentiate your business from the motley crowd of competing retailers. Offering customization services for products on sale is also an opportunity to turn the disadvantage of having a small turnover into an advantage.

With the Order & Product Fees app, you can…

  • Introduce specialty Thanksgiving wrapping as a specialty holiday convenience and supplementary items to customize gifts — e.g., a wishing card or a printed image.
  • Charge extra for Thanksgiving printed congratulations or include them as a free option to expand the clientele.
  • Arrange a personalized selection of delivery dates to count in both the early buyers and those who cut in fine.
  • Give clients a chance to choose from a number of shipping variants with alternative fees (e.g., shipping in 3 or 5 days, etc.).
  • Provide rush Thanksgiving delivery for additional charges.
Order & Product Fees Shopify App to Boost Sales on Thanksgiving | MageWorx Shopify Blog

Tip 5. Explore Opportunities to Minimize Transaction Expenses

On holidays, service providers—e.g., freight forwarders, carriers, etc.—tend to raise their fees. To avoid any unpleasant effects of the change to your retail business, you need to look ahead of the problem. One of the most efficient solutions to minimize risks in this respect would be to share the costs of effecting transactions with shoppers on a mutually profitable basis. 

With the Shopify plugin, you can…

  • Set pricing to make up for banking settlement expenses, as well as costs of contracting a transportation carrier.

To Sum up…

Whether on Thanksgiving or on another occasion, the Order & Product Fees App enables store owners at Shopify to address the following business challenges:

  • Find cues to make customers willing to spend more on the shop’s page—fancy packaging, delivery at their convenience, useful accessories, bundled products, etc.
  • Charge more per order without actually increasing product cost, while promoting additional services and goods.
  • Stir up sales and attract new clientele by varying offerings and applying a flexible pricing policy.
  • Capitalize on personalization and targeted sales by enabling customers to compose custom suites of merchandise, features, and facilities.
  • Optimize store expenses related to payment handling, observing local regulations, and managing transportation.

Don’t miss out on the easy chance to make more money from Thanksgiving sales with minimum investments and efforts on your part.


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