Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog
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Did you know that free shipping is the main incentive to buy more products for 93%* of online shoppers? Also, the relations between retailers and customers are inseparably connected with such a phenomenon as ‘reciprocity’. It’s when one responds to a positive action with another positive action. Thus, when providing buyers with free shipping, gifts, samples, or other goodies, sellers can get their loyal attitude, increased sales, conversions, and more in exchange.

Read on to learn how to offer free shipping, and free gift on Shopify, motivate customers for more purchases and get benefits with Free Shipping & Promo Bars App by Mageworx.

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What Motivators Incentivize Customers to Buy More?

In 2020, the number of online shoppers is expected to be 2.05 billion, compared to 1.92 billion in 2019. Such an increase is caused by the convenience of online shopping, saving effort, and time. But what are the most desirable goodies that can encourage buyers to make purchases in your store?

Free Shipping

Free shipping is twice more in demand among shoppers than discounts. For 9 out of 10* customers, it’s a decisive factor in making purchases online. And 58%* of them add items to cart to qualify for free shipping. As you can see, free shipping is a great motivator for buyers. That’s why offering this option is an effective way to encourage customers to buy more. According to the report conducted by the National Retail Federation, 65% of shoppers search for free shipping thresholds before adding products to their carts.

Gift Products or Samples

In accordance with a survey by Opinion Research Corporation, gift product is the best part of the shopping experience for 49% of customers. 81% of shoppers are more willing to purchase a product after they get a free sample. Giving gift products and samples is not only a good way to strengthen consumers’ loyalty by showing your generosity, but also a chance to let your buyers know the whole range of goods and entice them for repeat purchases.

Relying on the work of academic scientist Dan Ariely, zero priced products are much more valued by shoppers. That’s why it can be advantageous to use a ‘free gift with purchase’ tactic in eCommerce to increase sales and AOV.


Discounts are one more effective motivator for customers. 80% of shoppers are ready to buy from an unknown brand in case they can find a discount. Most customers are afraid of buying products at full price at a first-time-visited store. That’s why even a small discount can change their mind and encourage them to make a purchase.

The Value of Motivators for Businesses

The main interest for any retailer about offering free shipping and other goodies to your buyers is what you can get in return:

  • As free shipping is so popular among buyers and influences their shopping behavior, it can lead to increased sales and revenue. Merchants who always provide customers with free shipping can increase revenue by 10%. According to a case study of Red Door Interactive, free shipping was able to increase online orders by 90%. 
  • Offering a free shipping service leads to an increased site’s conversion rate. Thus, due to this option, the conversion rate of Two Big Feet achieved 50%.
  • Boosts in average order value. Thus, NuFACE offered free shipping and gained a 7.32% increase in AOV (Red Door Interactive, 2014).
  • Due to free samples and gift products, it’s possible to introduce and promote items to new customers. As a result, your brand gains new loyal buyers.

As you can see, various motivators can become a great tool in achieving new subscribers and increasing revenues. If you have a strong desire to implement such offers in your Shopify store, learn how the Free Shipping & Promo Bars app can help you in that.

The Value of Free Shipping & Promo Bars App 

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

The Shopify plugin allows creating multiple sales motivation bars and adding them to the targeted pages of your Shopify store. The opportunities are as follows:

  • With the app, it’s possible to add announcement bars for various goodies, which will inform customers on what they should do to get the offered benefits. That can be a free shipping option in case a customer spends more than $50 in your store, for example. Otherwise, on Shopify, you can offer a free gift with a purchase if a buyer completes a $25 deal.
  • All the created promo banners match any Shopify theme. 
  • The plugin lets you create personalized motivation bars by choosing the position and using a unique design of custom buttons and motion effects, and many others. 
  • With the toolkit of the app, you can create initial and congratulation messages and add them to promo bars. These messages can be linked with promo campaign landing pages.
  • The app gives you an opportunity to specify the time when the bars should be displayed. Moreover, it enables you to boost your sales by displaying certain motivation bars to specific locations, devices, time periods, and website pages.

How to Create Tempting Offers with the App?

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

You can find the Free Shipping & Promo Bars app in the Shopify store free of charge. To get the plugin that will help create unique sales motivation bars, just hit the button. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact the support team at [email protected].

The App’s Configuration

To make the most attractive and tempting offers using promo bars on Shopify, five steps should be completed:

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

1. Choose the Type of option to offer. The app lets you choose between free shipping and gift options. Otherwise, there is an opportunity to make your own offer. There is also a custom message option, which allows entering a message that will be shown in the announcement bar.

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

2. Select the bar Style: bar, button, or advanced. Then choose the Position of the bar. By selecting the Relative one, the bar will appear on the top of the page and disappear if the customer scrolls the page down. In the case with the Fixed Top and Fixed Bottom bars, they will be pinned to the top or to the bottom of the page. Make design changes of a background image, background color, and text message color. Choose fonts.

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

3. Message setup. At this step, you should enter the initial message that will be shown to first-time customers. Then, specify the text before and after the goal amount, the goal amount itself. Create the congratulation message that will be displayed after the goal is achieved. The {{country}} and {{product}} variables are supported.

Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

4. Set the rules when the motivation bar will be displayed. You can make it visible for selected countries only. Specify the time period and days when the bar will be shown. 

The app also lets you choose the page and device type where the motivation bar will 


Free Shipping & Promo Bars App―Advanced Functionality at No Cost | MageWorx Shopify Blog

5. At this step, you can select some Advanced Options. You have an opportunity to add a link to the bar that will redirect a visitor to the specified location, set display delay and timeout, add custom styles. 

After finishing all the steps, your sales motivation bar is ready for use. 

Final Thoughts

Free shipping, gift products, and other freebies are motivators that play an important role in relations between customers and vendors. It’s a great tool that helps merchants increase sales and profits. Being carefully created and offered in the right moment at the right place, their value enhances. The Free Shipping & Promo Bars plugin is one of the means to achieve your goal easily and at no cost. 

*All the data are taken from here.


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