Looney Lizard Creations – an example of a successful business!

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Welcome to the MageWorx’ Featured Store, our weekly presentation of one story of success from Magento merchants. This time meet Looney Lizard Creations – the store specializing on creative handmade greeting cards for all occasions.

In the world of enormous gadgets, devices, Internet & social media people got used to connect with each other with one touch of a button. It`s easier & faster to write an email or send an e-card than to spend time on real ones. But agree we are happy as kids when we receive all these things in real life. Handwritten letters & handmade cards are more personal & more dear, don’t you think so?

“Over the last few years there has been a large surge in handmade products, items with character and charm that are different to what comes off the mass production conveyor belt. People are interested in cards and invitations that are unique and tailored to their specific needs”, says Sherrie Caswell, CEO of Looney Lizard Creations.

Components of a successful store from Looney Lizard Creations.

Small, but fast developing Looney Lizard Creations knows how to attract customers. Sherrie says “I pride myself of being extremely flexible, helpful and providing the highest quality cards/invitations.I offer 3 main components every customer expects to get from an online store:high quality products, bespoken design & perfect personal service. That is the secret ;)”

How to make your ecommerce website memorable.

To make a website stay in memory every merchant needs to think carefully over the idea of a store: content, information, design & style. When I first saw Looney Lizard I asked myself: “What is the connection between handmade stuff & a lizard?” But that was the key point: despite of my questions I did remember the store & all because of the looney character 😉 Sherrie wrote me “We spent a great deal of time working on the brand idea, developing a character/personality that was fun, creative and a little whacky as I did not want to come across too serious. Initially we had started with a more aboriginal looking concept, which evolved to be unique and memorable cartoon character/avatar of my nature and personality.”

Looney Lizard Creations chose to build their online store with MageWorx because of its professional extensions & perfect support: “Mageworx extensions have been worth every penny and the unlimited support is absolutely fantastic.Mageworx have been one of the core components that have helped my store succeed especially with the SEO suite extension. This was the first extension I purchased that has made a huge difference to our search engine rankings!”

If you are looking to follow Sherrie’s footsteps & open a store of handmade goods, she offers the following advice “Be creative, believe in your idea, work hard, continue to evolve the online presence & make sure your store perfectly represents your idea.”


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