Color Psychology in web-design. Part II

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We’ve already mentioned about gloomy and distracting colors in web-design in the first part of the article. However, the combination of these colors (red, black and gray) with others leads to successful decisions. Here you can see the set of those colors, which have been recommended by specialists in the psychology of color.

  • The white color

This is a perfect color for reading: users enjoy spending time on the white sites. If you fight for regular visitors, you will not find better colors for the site than white.

Clicks on the advertisements on the white site can’t give a clear assessment. The fact is that the brighter the headlines of advertising are the higher number of clicks will be. Visitors of the white site click only bright advertisements.

To increase revenue from advertising on the white site just make pink, purple, bright green and bright blue headlines. But try to keep away from the red headers.

Retention of visitors on the white site – excellent, clicks on ads – satisfactory, good.

Sometimes less color is the best color choice for a web site. Look at the GreeceIsForLovers website:

  • The yellow color

It is not in a great favor with the webmasters. Indeed, theoretically it might seem that the yellow sites don’t look serious, which means that users will not trust them. From a practical point of view, all is a bit wrong.

The fact is that yellow color soothes and calms a person. And so, once on a yellow site, the user feels well and never go away with a yellow site, even if the materials of the resource is not interesting.

Statistics shows that users like to click on advertisements on yellow sites. However, as in the case of white sites, they only notice bright advertisements.

It must be emphasized that contextual advertising is rather effective on yellow sites. In comparison, banners are not. Retention of visitors on a yellow site – good, clicks on ads – excellent.

The NotYourAverageJoe website’s used yellow-brown theme. Looks really awesome and brings a visitor cheerful thoughts.

  • The brown color

Brown sites, as well as yellow ones, are not very popular with webmasters. But users like such sites. The only thing is that the brown shouldn’t be too dark. If this rule is followed, the visitors will stay on a site with pleasure reading materials and return to it repeatedly.

The percentage of clicks on advertisements on brown sites is very high. Brown sites are the best ones on which advertisements should be  incorporated into the template: their color must also be brown, only slightly different from the primary colors. Retention of visitors – good, clicks on ads – good.

One of the “chocolate” sites, DoveChocolate, entices the visitors with the contrast that can be achieved with the beige or cream colors.

In conclusion, remember that the colors chosen for the web-design should be used not only for design of information but to present the main idea of the site. And they must harmonize with each other on every page of the resource.

MageWorx hopes that our advices will help you.

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