How to Create SEO-Friendly Pagination Pages in Your Magento-based eCommerce Store?

Pagination {{pagination-pager}} is probably one of the most extensively discussed SEO topics so far. Let’s dot the i’s and cross the t’s and learn how your Magento-based store can benefit from pagination optimization. What Pagination Means & Why Your Website Needs It? Page pagination (aka paging) means grouping pages using numbering within one site section, Read More

Magento SEO Extensions Review

SEO is a tough race. To win it and get ahead of the competitors, you need to be armed with the best SEO weapon. Today, the Magento market offers a wide range of SEO extensions that vary in features, price, support/ update terms, installation and configuration conditions. This brings up the question: How to choose Read More

Exploring SEO Potential of Magento 2

Magento has always been one of the most powerful platforms in terms of SEO. By default, it is equipped with a bunch of useful SEO features to easily optimize site URLs, page titles and meta tags, ALT tags, H1 headings, etc. On top of that, today, the Magento Connect Marketplace offers an impressive selection from Read More