Magento Bundle Product

A Bundle Product type is combination of simple or virtual products which is displayed as a one entry in your catalog. This type consists of a customizable product with options that have more than one item to select from.

For example, you can offer a home scent bundle with various options, such as different room diffusers and candles.

Magento bundle product

Creating a Bundle Product

As a bundle product combines simple products, first you need to create and add them to the catalog (read here how to do this).

When done, move on to Catalog - Manage Products - Add Product. Select the necessary Attribute Set and a Bundle product type.

Note! The Default attribute set includes the standard set of options that can be used for most products.

Magento bundle

Complete the product information as you would do for a simple product, but the following exceptions:

  • On the General tab page set both SKU and Weight to Dynamic or Fixed. When a Fixed type is selected, you need to enter its value in the tab next to the drop-down.

    bundle products

    Note! No matter what type you choose for the SKU field - Fixed or Dynamic, you have to enter its value in the field. But when you choose Dynamic for the Weight field, you can leave the tab next to it empty. The weight will be calculated from the weight of the bundle products that customers select.

  • bundle product Magento

  • On the Price tab page, for the Price section select the following values:
  • 1. Dynamic - if you want the price to be calculated from the price of the items that customers select.
    2. Fixed - enter its value in the tab next to the drop-down.

  • Then, determine how the price will be displayed on front-end and set Price View to:
  • 1. As Low As - the lowest price will be displayed on the front-end.
    2. Price Range -  shows the price from the least to the most expensive option.

    Magento bundle products

    When done, set Stock Availability (Inventory tab) to In Stock and jump to the Bundle Items section.

    First, in the Shipment tab, specify if the product’s options can be shipped together or separately.

    bundled product for Magento

    Then, enter the title of the option, specify the input type, define whether or no the option will be required for selection. And finally set the option’s position. After that, click on the Add Selection button and choose the necessary products.

    Magento bundle product

    Once you add the selected products to the Bundle Items list, specify the following:

  • Set User Defined Qty to:

  • 1. Yes - it displays an input box so customers can change the quantity of items.
    2. No - it forbids customers to change the quantity.

  • Specify the Position of the item in relation to other items and define the Default option to be pre-selected on the front-end.

  • bundled product Magento

    Repeat the same steps for each bundle item you want to add to the product set. When done, hit the Save button to save the bundle product.

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