Magento Attribute Set

An Attribute Set is a list of attributes, which describes all product characteristics and is used as a template for a new product. Every product must be assigned to one attribute set. Creating such sets comes helpful for several reasons:

1. products are divided into groups;
2. all necessary product attributes are located in one place;
3. all product information is imported within one step.

Magento has a default attribute set with a commonly-used selection of product attributes, such as Name, SKU, Price, Description, etc.

Magento attribite set

To create a new attribute set, hit the Add New Set button. Specify here the name of the set and select another attribute set from which this set is to inherit attributes.

set of attributes in Magento

Attribite set for Magento

Then edit Attribute Set configuration. The following data is available here:

  • Set Name - the name of an attribute set. The label is created for internal use only and is not visible on the front-end.
  • Groups - a number of attributes organized together. For example, an attribute group Meta Information may include the following attributes: Meta Title, Meta Keyword and Meta Description.
  • Unassigned Attributes - attributes that assigned to none of the groups, but still can be added to the set (just drag and drop it).

Using Attribute Sets in Magento

To assign an attribute set to products, go to Catalog - Manage Products - Add Product.

Select the necessary Attribute Set. 

All the groups for any product that is based on this attribute set become sections in the Product Information panel.

Magento attributes sets

3d party modules like Magemto custom option plugin allow you to operate with product types and attributes in a convenient way.

See also Magento 2 attribute sets

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