Magento Store Manager PRO Primary + Additional

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  • Easily manage products and categories all in one place
  • Quickly update store inventory, create orders with POS
  • Export/Import products to/from the most popular file formats
  • Efficiently manage customers/orders data
  • Take advantage of the most precise Magento analytics
  • Run detailed store diagnostics (quickly spot any broken links, wrong meta data, missing images, etc),
  • and a lot more

$699 $499

'Magento Store Manager PRO Primary + Additional' is a bundle that includes 2 fully-fledged licenses of the app.

  • The product is developed by our partners Emagicone.Com.

Store Manager for Magento is an advanced desktop-based application designed to enhance the standard functionality of the default admin Web interface.

The ability to update big amounts of products, inventory and orders all at once; all-embracing categories, orders and customers management, advanced filters and search options, extended import/ export functionality - this is what makes the software the best store management assistant for Magento!

Efficient A-Z Store Management

Store Manager lets you effortlessly manage products, categories and attributes.

Magento Store Manager - A-Z Store Management
  • Create, remove, edit, clone and copy Magento products and product listings
  • Update multiple product details (descriptions, prices, discounts)
  • Generate simple or configurable products in 2 clicks
  • Use advanced product modifications (set fixed value for any attribute or multiply current value on the basis of any rules)
  • Easily create, edit, remove categories, change hierarchy and category position, assign multiple categories to products
  • Change attribute sets for any existing products

Customers/ Orders Data Management

Easily manage customer data all in one place and get a comprehensive overview of any order stats.

  • Manage individual customer data and data for an unlimited # of customer groups
  • Filter customers by ordered products
  • Export their emails for marketing usage
  • Offer customers related products based on the filtered products
  • Manage important customer data (reviews, orders, wishlists, etc) all in one place
Store Manager for Magento - manage customers, orders data
Magento Store Manager - manage customer data and orders in the admin panel

  • Easily process orders
  • Change any order status and adjust the orders view according to your requirements
  • Move completed orders back to pending
  • Filter orders by customers or products
  • Export orders to .xml/.csv file
  • Print invoices/shipping labels (stamps required) for multiple orders

Advanced File Import/Export

  • Import Magneto products from .csv, .xml, .xls, .xlsx, .txt and .ods files
  • Import all the info about categories, attribute sets, customers data or custom options in a .csv format
  • Import/export files with no requirements (all missing data will be instantly applied)
  • Take advantage of the savvy Software Wizard to accurately transfer any data
Store manager for Magento - import-export options
Store manager for Magento - import-export options

  • Export products, categories, custom options, attribute sets in .cvs and .xls formats
  • Export customers/orders data to a .xls file
  • Export all abandoned carts data to a .csv file

Orders Creation with POS

Bridge the gap between online and offline retail with the Point-of-Sale system.

  • Quickly create orders using Magento one-page POS
  • Take advantage of a barcode scanner
  • Apply predefined customer info to real store sales or create a new customer with basic info for phone sales
  • Process orders without credit cards
Magento Store Manager - orders with POS

Powerful Store Diagnostics

Monitor your Magento store for possible issues and instantly fix them.

Magento store manager - powerful store diagnostics

  • Easily detect products that aren’t assigned to any category
  • Check wrong meta data and external URLs (Enterprise Edition)
  • Track broken or missing images and re-upload them in bulk
  • Fix all these issues on the go

Accurate Tracking of All Store Insights

Get detailed insights on your store data, learn which products are selling best and which customers are paying most.

  • Keep track of all your key metrics with the easy-to-use Dashboard
  • Take advantage of the stock availability report for Products Forecasting
  • Overview detailed analytics with customer actions forecasting (in Latency Matrix)
  • Adjust your e-mail strategy based on the data reports
Magento store manager - Magento store analytics

Comes with

  • a 14-day free trial
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 6 months of free updates after purchase
  • FREE mail, chat, phone support from Emagicone.Com
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