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Savvy Cube
  • Complex Sales Data Simplified
    A wealth of data collected from multiple sources (Magento, PayPal and Google Analytics) is sliced-and-diced for easy analysis.
  • A Comprehensive Sales Picture
    Data on the revenue and net profit each product, category, customer, region, or marketing channel generates.
  • Order Data All in One Place
    A complete order matrix, including taxes, transaction fees, refunds, shipping and product costs (unavailable in GA) and more.
  • Analysis of What Sells and Who Buys
    Detailed data on most/least profitable customers, as well as best/worst selling products analyzed against various metrics.
  • Data to Shape Winning Sales and Marketing Strategies
    Wall-to-wall analysis of the current store sales performance and its profitability over time.
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What is SavvyCube Magento Analytics for?

Get the right answers. Make better decisions. Grow your sales.


Analyze All Sales Data With One Tool

Tired of wasting your time manually mining sales data from different sources and calculating metrics in an Excel file?

SavvyCube eases the pain of it!

The software accumulates all data from:

  • Magento database,
  • Google Analytics reports,
  • your business PayPal account

— all under one convenient and easy-to-navigate interface.

This way, you can get a complete view of your entire business without jumping between different accounts and manual calculations.

Convert Complex Sales Data Into Simple Stories

Today, sales cycles are getting longer and more complicated. This, in turn, generates more data to take into account and sophisticates its analysis.

SavvyCube Dashboard is where all complex sales data comes together, simplified and visualized.

Here, you’ll find:

  • data on store revenue and net profit,
  • the depiction of your sales funnel,
  • abandoned cart / lost revenue ratio graphs,
  • visual segmentation of sales by channel, device and country.

From each section, you can jump to detailed reports with more granular analysis of those metrics.

Get All Info About Each Order

If you’re using Google Analytics for tracking orders, you should know that GA reports may miss some essential info (and even some orders). They also don’t contain any data on order refunds, taxes, shipping and product costs. What is more, GA doesn’t provide any info on the customers who have placed an order with you.

By combining data from multiple sources, SavvyCube generates an extensive report on customers' orders for a specified period.

The report contains sales data on the:

  • total amount generated revenue,
  • net profit,
  • refunded amount,
  • number of placed orders,
  • average order value and quantity.

Also, by clicking on a chosen order, you’ll be able to see:

  • the info about the customer who placed it (name, email, customer group),
  • all discounts, fees and taxes associated with this order,
  • net profit the order generated.

Identify Most/least Profitable Customers

Monitoring your customers’ activity and correlating to your store sales performance is a challenge for every store owner. To connect the dots, a merchant has to collect data scattered across various sources and compare it all in a spreadsheet.

With SavvyCube, you can easily view and analyze the:

  • total number of customers,
  • # of unique page views,
  • average conversion rate,
  • cart abandonment rates,
  • repeat purchase rate,
  • etc.

Also, you can compare the dynamics for each of these metrics over time, as well as compare them with each other. What is more, by clicking on a chosen customer, you’ll be able to see their full profiles with personal info and detailed purchase history.

Having this data, you’ll be able to better segment your customers’ base, create more targeted marketing campaigns and reshape your loyalty program.

Find Best/worst Selling Products

SavvyCube enables you to overview the general store product KPIs:

  • the total revenue,
  • # of items sold,
  • the average revenue per product,
  • and more.

Also, you can compare sales dynamics for any product’s for a specified time period, as well as compare them against each other.

What is more, by clicking on an individual product, it is possible to separately overview its sales performance, as well as refunds, taxes, and fees associated with it.

With this data, you can analyze products’ sales prospects, forecast its potential profitability and adjust your merchandizing and marketing efforts accordingly.

Shape Winning Sales & Marketing Strategies

Have you ever felt frustrated when dealing with confusing mess of technical data and information that’s difficult to navigate and understand?

With SavvyCube it is no longer a problem!

The advanced SavvyCube reports provide sophisticated functionality to drill down into data, filter and slice-and-dice it by a great variety of dimensions, metrics and attributes.

Advanced Reports capabilities dramatically reduce time spent on finding roots or a certain issue, or researching information you need to make a merchandizing, marketing or business decision.


eCommerce Dashboard

Accurately calculate your Net Profit, get a detailed view of the journey your potential customers take before placing an order, and see how effective your marketing channels are.

The report contains data on:

  • Sales Breakdown
  • Sales Funnel
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Revenue by Channel
  • Revenue by Country
  • Revenue by Device
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General Sales Metrics

Create a formula for calculating your store revenue, and identify which part of your overall revenue amounts to the Net Profit. With this report, you can calculate:

  • Revenue per Customer
  • Net profit and COGS
  • Profit Margin


Monitor your orders in real time and overview all important order metrics in a single report. With SavvyCube, you'll get the tools for:

  • Order Tracking
  • Orders KPIs Calculation
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Get a detailed report on how your products are performing. Find which products sell best, and which categories generate more revenue. SavvyCube will help you find:

  • Products KPIs
  • Top Products / Top Categories
  • Product Profile
  • Product Types Sales Analysis
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See who your most paying customers are, and identify which customer groups bring more in sales.

  • Customers KPIs
  • Top Customers / Top Customer Groups
  • Customer Profiles
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Advanced Reports

Drill down into your store data through multiple dimensions and uncover the factors that have influence on your store sales performance.

  • The Ability to Drill-down to Any Dimension
  • Custom Fields
  • Data Export

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