Magento 2 Extensions

Magento has always offered unique ecommerce experience. With technical and functional changes, Magento 2 version opens a new chapter in ecommerce. On this page you will find Magento 2 extensions that will help you fundamentally improve your store.

Messenger Shopping Assistant for Magento 2

WINTER GIVEAWAY - the extension goes FREE till March, 31st. Deliver personalized shopping experience right in Facebook Messenger.


SEO Suite Ultimate

The first Magento 2 SEO solution. Eliminates duplicate content issues, improves website indexation and makes it search engine & user friendly.


Advanced Product Options Suite

All-in-one, highly customization solution for managing Magento 2 advanced product options. Increase your store revenue and serve your customers in a better way.

$299 $269

Shipping Suite

A full (and flexible) control over Magento shipping. Diversify your target markets, find new sales channels and multiply your store profits manifold.


Order Management

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Popup Widget

Create popups of all types, shapes and sizes and use them to promote your offers, attract and channel web traffic and/or capture site visitors’ email addresses.

$299 $199

Multi Fees

Sell more by introducing a wide selection of product extra options and services. Create an unlimited number of additional fees for any product/service you offer.


File Downloads and Product Attachments

Add various kinds of attachments to your product pages - equip them with product videos, user guides, price lists, and any other type of useful materials of any format.


Gift Cards

Make gift card giving easy. Provide customers with traditional physical or eGift cards. Offer flexible pricing schemes & full gift card data analysis.


Store & Currency Auto Switcher

Advanced multi-store and multi-currency functionality. Automatically redirects customers to the localized stores and switches to their home currencies.


Product Custom Options Templates

Ease the pain of manual product configuration. Create any number of custom options templates like color,size, dimensions,etc. just in a few clicks.


Product Units and Quantities

Take advantage of specific measurement units and make it more convenient for customers to order in your store. Units/measurements/quantities can be specified via dropdown, arrows, plus minus or slider instead of the standard Magento Quantity field.


Custom Checkout Fields

Add extra checkout fields to gather valuable customer & marketing data.


Order Editor

Streamline the process of Magento 2 order processing. Easily add/delete/remove any order details, order customers' billing and shipping info and more.


Layered Navigation

A set advanced features to make Magento 2 store navigation search engine and user friendly.


Pre-Order / Backorder

Accept pre-orders to enhance purchasing intent and increase sales. Includes customizable automatic 'Back in Stock' email alerts.


Donations Suite

Use the power of giving back to bring goodness to the world and gain business benefits.

$99 $79

Extended Rich Snippets

Draw users attention and win the click with more detailed search engine results. Developed according to the latest Google and standards.


Extended Orders Grid

Extend and customize the default Magento 2 orders grid. Easily add 28 extra colums with essential order parameters, perform order mass-actions, synch order data and more.


Abandoned Cart Emails

Recover sales from abandoned carts with timely sent emails. Send scheduled email reminders, conveniently manage sent alerts, monitor effectiveness of your recovery campaigns.


Product Reviews & Ratings

Enrich the default Magento 2 reviews/ratings functionality with PRO features. Let users evaluate reviews, rate them as 'useful' and 'not useful' and more.


Geo Lock FREE

Manage access to your Magento 2 store for specific locations by detecting customers' IPs.


Others Also Bought FREE

Replace 'Related Products' block with the more user-friendly alternative. Provide customers with the smart product list based on others purchase history.


Prices per Customer

Set individual product pricing for your customers.


Currency Auto Switcher

Expand your Magento business to the new markets. Automatically switch your prices to the customers' home currencies.


Search Autocomplete FREE

Instant product search results. Let your customers instantly find what they are looking for.


SEO Meta Templates

Advanced SEO attribute templates to easily optimize product and category page meta data, as well as the short and detailed descriptions.


Cross Linking

Create and manage Magento 2 cross links in a click. Easily link any keywords to the targeted store pages or external sources.


Sphinx Search Suite

Sphinx-powered search toolkit to make Magento 2 search faster and precise.


Sitemap Suite

Magento 2 Sitemap Suite toolkit - all you need to create efficient HTML and XML Magento 2 sitemaps.


Search Autocomplete Pro

Enhance the default Magento 2 onsite search with AJAX-powered autocomplete functionality. Let your customers instantly find the products they are searching for.

Landing Pages

Create SEO and user-friendly landing pages. Avoid duplicate content issues, attract more shoppers and get better ranking in search engines.

The moment you use Magento 2, you know you’ve never used anything like this before. With its improved performance & scalability, unlimited customization possibilities, enhanced product security and a higher quality code, this robust ecommerce market leader will let you do more than ever before.

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