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  • In-depth sales reports

  • Detailed product popularity reports

  • Sales report by category and product attributes

  • Sales funnel visualization

  • Clear and easy access to all data in one dashboard

  • Segmenting data by a date range

  • UNIQUE Comparing data across two date ranges

СE 1.4.1.x - 1.9.x EE 1.6.x - 1.14.x

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Conveniently organize your sales data, evaluate your sales performance over time, track your products popularity and use all these insights to facilitate better business decisions.

  • Fully compatible with all Magento Security Patches.

What is Extended Reports for?

Magento Sales Reports

This Magento custom reports extension provides an overarching view of your sales pipeline.

The software accumulates real-time sales figures and important revenue metrics all in one place.

These are the metrics you can check for any specified period in the Admin Dashboard:

  • the exact number of visits your website gets
  • Magento order report
  • your Magento store profit report
  • your website conversion rate
  • average order value (AOV)

Magento Reports can be generated for whatever date range you need. So you can check your sales stats for any chosen period.

Just specify a time interval under the Calendar settings, and the extension will fetch data for the specified period.

Also, you can choose the view daily, weekly or monthly Magento sales dynamics.

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UNIQUE Let's say you want to know how your sales did last month compared with the month before. Or maybe you want to see data for the current quarter compared with this quarter last year?

With this Magento Sales Reports extension you can easily compare your current sales metrics to any period in the past.

Just specify 2 periods to compare in the Calender Settings, and you will see how the values change for any chosen metric.

On top of that, the extension lets you visualize your sales funnel.

With this Magento Reports extension you can get stats for every stage of the buying process, and see how many unqualified prospects convert into customers. The extension shows you the exact amount of:

  • Visits (all your site visits)
  • Engaged (people who browse 2 or more product pages)
  • Ready to Buy (those who have put a product into a shopping cart)
  • Purchases (those who successfully purchased your product(-s))

It’s also possible to view the lifetime statistics for any of the above categories.

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Product Popularity Reports

This Magento Sales Reports extension collects sales stats per each of your products. Thus you can see which products bring you more sales and which ones don’t sell at all.

Go to Category - Manage Products - select the product you want to check stats for - switch to the Statistics tab on the left navigation menu.

For each product you can check such metrics Revenue and Profit.

The profit deducts the cost of the product from its revenue. Thus, you see how much you actually earn.

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Also, for any chosen product you can check the following sales metrics for your Magento site::

  • product views
  • number of purchases
  • revenue
  • profit
  • conversion rate
  • quantity sold
  • average quantity
  • refunded amount
  • refunded quantity

Each of these metrics shows a percentage from site total values.

In addition, you can filter any metric by a specific time period and compare data between two time ranges.

Magento Sales Reports by Categories

And last but not least, Extended Reports Magento extension is capable of generating sales reports for specific categories.

Go to Reports - Sales - Sales by Category to view the report.

With the extension you can compare sales metrics for different categories in your store. The metrics that are available for this report are:

  • number of orders
  • ordered quantity
  • sales total
  • invoiced
  • refunded
  • profit
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Magento Sales Reports by Attributes

This Magento custom reports extension collects sales stats for any product attribute. Also, you can compare the sales metrics of different attributes within the same attribute set.

Go to Reports - Sales - Sales by Attribute to view the report.

E.g. you can compare sales stats for white, red and black T-shirts.

The metrics that are available for this report:.

  • number of orders
  • ordered quantity
  • sales total
  • invoiced
  • refunded
  • profit

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Extended Reports extension for Magento

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Time saver

On July 10, 2015
- Organic! Food LLC Middletown, United States United States Verified User
Finally there is the extension which combines the most important metrics in one dashboard and you do not have to check different sites to get this data. This is the fifth extension from these guys and they always do as pro. I'm never worried when my requests are solved because they always come with solutions within 1-2 days. This module was installed easily and I didn't even contact the support team.
Thank you!

Finally great tool for sales reports

On July 9, 2015
- Hans Krimpen Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands Netherlands Verified User
I switched to this extension from aheadworks advanced reports and since 2 weeks I can say that it was a right decision. I do not many reports for my daily activities. These guys implemented the reports necessary for everyone. The installation took me 1.5 minutes and the module worked without any glitches!!!!

Highly recommend!

Must-have sales analytics tool!

On June 16, 2015
- Helen Cooper Palo Alto, United States United States Verified User
I've been on a lookout for the extension that would let me check sales stats not only for separate products, but also for categories and product attributes. And this extension does that the best way! Not to mention helpful and kind great pre-sales support.
Totally satisfied.

Nice tool to monitor sales.

On June 15, 2015
- Joshua Sonamukhi, India India Verified User
Great product and really awesome customer care service!

Love the cool interface and the ability to compare stats for 2 different periods. However, I would love you, guys, to add the option to check sources customers come from. Yes, we can check that in Google Analytics, but it would be awesome to have everything in one place.

Great extension anyway!
Product Changelog
  • Legend:
  • New Feature
  • Bug Fix
  • Version: 1.1.0 (November 5, 2015)
  • Adds the compatibility with SUPEE 6788 Security Patch
  • Adds the report by store views with the ability to compare sales metrics by store views
  • Adds the ability to collect the sale data by Magento cron to decrease the server load in case of big data
  • Separates the graphs into a new sub-extension to help developers to integrate graphs into custom solutions
  • Fixes the issue with Purchases column on the dashboard
  • Version: 1.0.0 (June 9, 2015)
  • Initial release