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MageWorx Monthly Updates

It’s March. And you know what it means. Do you? In case you don’t, here’s what to expect from this month: March Madness. The End of Winter. Spring. Saint Patrick’s Day. And, of course, MageWorx Monthly Updates 🙂 Today, we’ve got 5 Magento 2 extensions with new features and performance improvements. Here they are.

How to gain maximum efficiency with Magento 2. Interview with Max Pronko

Max Pronko is one of those Magento gurus a newbie must follow. He is a Magento expert and public speaker, a Magento Certified Developer and a popular Magento 2 blogger. With 10 years’ of software development and consulting experience in Magento, Max has successfully designed and implemented high quality products from mid to large-sized scale. Follow Max on Twitter. Read More

Roundup for December: 4 New Extensions and 13 Updates

While everyone else is enjoying the euphoric high of winter holidays, we go on working hard. Which, in turn, results in feature-rich updates, interesting collaborations, new products and campaigns. December was rich on everything! Besides 1,450 cups of coffees, 5 pizza parties and organizing a Christmas party for 86 orphan kids, MageWorx team released 13 hot updates and 4 new extensions! Let Read More

Free Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions Worth Trying

Marketplace offers fewer extensions (in comparison with Magento Connect), but it promises better quality and no solution plagiarism. However, Marketplace rises a number of questions: which extensions to choose, how reliable are these or those providers or are there any really good free tools? Currently, there’re 551 paid and free Magento 2 extensions on the Marketplace. And their number Read More

Beergento Belarus: 5 Reasons to Attend it

Looking to improve your Magento skills? Come and join Beergento Belarus, a NEW informal local event for anyone who wants to dive into the latest Magento development news and share ideas. It’s a unique mixture of networking and meeting inspiring people. So, if you are here in Belarus this week feel free to join our meet-up. And here is why…

Magento 2 Shipping Rules Explained with 15 Practical Examples

Shipping expenses are the pain points for ecommerce merchants. Mainly because a poorly calculated strategy leads to overpayment and increased cart abandonment rate. When it comes to Magento, out-of-the-box the platform lets you only restrict shipping methods for specific countries. And that’s it. To change shipping rates and costs, offer free shipping or use promotional rates, Read More