It’s not only the weather that is getting better this month. We, at MageWorx, have also introduced dozens of improvements to our popular Magento products. On top of this, we’ve released 2 brand-new extensions for the platform.

Here’s what’s been improved in April, as well as some late additions from last month.



Landing Pages for Magneto 2

The new extension lets you create unique, SEO-optimized and highly converting landing pages for Magento 2. Previously we have written an article about landing pages for eCommerce to uncover the benefits of such pages.

With this software, you’ll be able to quickly generate custom pages for various marketing activities:

  • Adwords campaigns,
  • sales,
  • introduction of new products,
  • promoting any custom selection of products.

The extension allows you to optimize such pages for the search engines. You can set the default values for meta titles, meta keywords, and descriptions, create the unique page URLs, and optimize any page for different Store Views.

What is more, the extension will walk you through the design process so you could create the page that will fully correspond to your marketing goals. For instance, you may create landing pages for different traffic types.

Custom landing pages can be automatically created for a particular store category, a selection of products with certain characteristics (attributes), or a group of products with the specified SKUs.


Customer Group Prices for Magento 2

Set custom product pricing for different customer groups in your Magento 2 store.

With this approach, you can run personalized marketing campaigns, motivate customers to interact with your store mechanisms, create individual discounts/offers for selections of buyers.

The extension enables you to:

  • completely replace the default product price (with the Magento 2 functionality, the default price just gets crossed, and the customer group price one is displayed as a special one),
  • specify fixed/percentage surcharges/discounts for customer groups (e.g., you can set different prices for the Retailers and the Wholesale customers),
  • create group prices on the product level.

The extension allows you to set custom group prices for different product types (with the exception of the bundle ones). Also, these prices will be automatically used in any cart/catalog price rules, taxes and gift cards.

The extension perfectly works on pages filtered by layered navigation and search results pages.




Multi Fees for Magento 2

We’ve completely redesigned the product’s backend. Now, the extension’s navigation has become more intuitive and user-friendly.

You can easily switch between different Fee Type grids, as well as create more advanced cart/shipping and billing charges.

The new features include:

  • new fee type – Hidden (aka required),
  • new conditions for Shipping & Payment Fees (shipping/billing postcode, region, state, country, etc.),
  • the new Apply mode: fees get applied instantly, right after you’ve selected them, without the necessity to use the Apply button,
  • and some others.


Shipping Suite for Magento 2

An enormous amount of work has gone into optimizing our all-in-one shipping toolkit for Magento 2. We’ve significantly optimized some internal processes and made the extension even more flexible and powerful.

The new version has been equipped with:

  • new mechanisms of zip code validation for shipping rates,
  • multi-select for countries/region in shipping rates,
  • tools for the UK zip code validation (area, region, outcode, incode, etc.),
  • the new action for shipping rules: Change Title.


File Downloads and Product Attachments

This extension has got a little, yet extremely useful feature. Now, it’s possible to upload downloadable product attachments directly from the Product Edit page in the back-end.

Also, we’ve refactored the extension’s code to optimize its performance on some versions of the platform.



Donations Suite for Magento 2


And last but not least, our extension for accepting donations has become capable of rounding up the donated sum, which allows online merchants automatically accept micro-donations.

Also, now it’s possible to set predefined customer donation amounts.


Check out for the updates on our website. More cool updates are coming this May!

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  1. HI. Your Customer Group Extension for M2 is really nice. But please allow showing 2 prices at once at the frontend.
    1 price for non-logged users, and 2nd for logged-in (usually General customers group).
    Example from other ecommerce platform
    GOAL: to increase registered customers at the store, or loyalty program efectivness – because loyalty program customer would get better prices. But before SIGN UP – they will see – they may get better prices after Registration to the program

    1. Hello, thank you for such a useful feature suggestion. I’ll filed and forwarded it to our developers for analysis. If approved, such an option will be added in one of the upcoming updates of our extension. Cheers

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