Did you miss MageWorx extensions’ new features released in January? If yes, we’ve prepared this monthly roundup so you could catch up now with all our latest product updates.

Here is what’s new.


Order Management

The new version of the extension is capable of editing the main order details. With the tool, you can modify any order’s:

  • Date and Time (down to hours and minutes),
  • Status,
  • State.

These features may come useful if you need to adjust time markers of the orders placed from different time zones; or in cases when you need to modify an order’s status/ state when manually processing it.

Additionally, with the updated version of the extension, you can identify a device any order was placed from.


Shipping Suite

Our shipping extension for Magento 2 has also received a couple of frequently requested features. The updated version will allow you to:

  • import/export any custom carriers/methods/rates,
  • create carriers/methods/rates for specific Store Views,
  • display shipping methods with the lowest price at the top of the checkout page.



SEO Suite Ultimate

We’ve added an advanced XML sitemaps module in our SEO extension. With this functionality, it’s possible to create a fully-fledged sitemap for the search engine bots. In comparison with the out-of-the-box Magento XML functionality, the extension lets you create a fully customized sitemap where you can:

  • automatically exclude any out of stock products,
  • exclude any product, category or CMS page, as well as add any extra links.

What is more, it’s also possible to generate an XML sitemap right from the Console.

Also, we’ve optimized the processes of adding crosslinks. With the new category and product grids, this task has become faster and easier.



Advanced Product Options

The extension has got equipped with two simple, yet very helpful features. Now, it’s possible to:

  • link templates to products by SKU,
  • set any option’s value as a default one.



Donations Suite

And last but not least, our donations extension is now capable to:

  • add multiple charities to collect donations for,
  • specify a custom title / description/ image for any new charity,
  • pre-define donation amounts,
  • add / modify donations in any customer’s order.


P.S. If you have any future suggestions, feel free to send them to us at support@mageworx.com. We’ll be more than happy to add this functionality in the upcoming versions of our products! 

Stay Tuned for the Upcoming Monthly Updates!