The first autumn month has come to an end. Sunny spells are gone, the weather is getting rainy and autumn leaves starts to fall… But we’ve got some great news to cheer you up at this chilly period.

During the whole September our team was updating our top Magento 2 modules –  we’ve packed these solutions are with a bunch of cool new features (some of them are unique for Magento 2 niche). And we’ve continued improving our well-known and honored Magento 1 extensions.

Here’s what we’ve prepared for you!

Magento 2

The first on the list is Shipping Suite extension for Magento 2. We’ve completely rebuilt it brought to you the following new features:

  • the ability to create custom shipping carriers
  • custom shipping methods functionality
  • modification of any default shipping method and its cost
  • and more

Advanced Product Options module for Magento 2 has also received a number of great improvements. Now, you can:

  • conveniently configure custom option pricing
  • set the absolute cost, weight and price for any custom option (to replace the product’s original values)
  • define any option as ‘One-time’ and add an option’s price to the product’s price only once


In September we updated SEO Suite Ultimate extension for Magento 2 with the Advanced Breadcrumbs feature. It allows you to:

  • create advanced breadcrumbs that are both user- and search engine friendly
  • define various breadcrumbs paths (the default, longest, shortest)
  • prioritize categories for products assigned to multiple categories
  • enable advanced breadcrumbs for Google rich snippets


Also, our Search Suite Magento 2 module has been updated with Search Autocomplete functionality. Now, your customers can save a lot of time searching for products. The extension is capable of:

  • predicting search results
  • adding the ‘Buy Now’ button right in the results pop-up
  • customizing delay for autocomplete search to optimize server loads .. and a lot more.

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Magento 1

As already mentioned above, we’ve also significantly improved the functionality of our top-selling Magento 1 products. View the extensions’ Change Log to see what’s new and update these extensions now:

All the above mentioned modules have been optimized and enhanced to work even better than before. Want to explore more of MageWorx Magento 1 solutions? Hit the button below!

That is all for now. But our team continues to work hard to bring you more new extensions and functionality updates soon.

Stay tuned!