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As the holidays wrap up, it’s just the right time to give your business a refresh. Follow ecommerce changes, take warning by the missteps you did in 2015 and develop a clear strategy for the new year.

magento 2

Magento 2

In 2016 Magento 2 promises to turn into the most advanced ecommerce platform. But still this superhero isn’t the almighty. That’s why we want to show you something cool today – something the default Magento 2 doesn’t have.

So, please welcome on stage 2 brand-new extensions:

search suite magento 2 extensionSearch Suite – empowers Magento 2 search with Sphinx functionality, thus making it fast and relevant.

  • Customize the default Sphinx functionality
  • Define Sphinx connection timeout and tweak the Search Results Ranker settings
  • Specify the Search Matching mode and validate the Sphinx Config file



gift cards magento 2 extension

Gift Cards – a toolkit to generate, configure and manage gift cards.

  • 3 gift card types (email, print-out, mail)
  • Flexible pricing schemes & values
  • Full back-end control
  • The ability to redeem Gift Codes at the Checkout/Shopping Cart

Magento 1

What’s more, we never stop enhancing our Magento 1 extensions, making them #1 on the market. This time we want to share with you  SEO Suite Ultimate Update with 20 new features and improvements!



  • JSON-LD method support for products rich snippets
  • Support of all available languages in XML sitemap
  • Increased size of the template rule fields
  • Improved product templates performance
  • The ability to add the [subcategories] variable to the SEO meta templates
  • and more!

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.22.58 PM copy